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docker-octave-dev-centos.git Docker container for Octave... Mike Miller 4 years ago
dotfiles.git Configuration for bash, vim... Mike Miller 3 years ago
git.git Git is a free and open source... Mike Miller 38 hours ago
hy.git Hy is a wonderful dialect... Mike Miller 8 hours ago
libapache-mod-proxy-wstunnel.git Backport of mod_proxy_wstunnel... Mike Miller 4 years ago
ocserv.git OpenConnect VPN server Mike Miller 2 months ago
octave-slides-hydra.git Presentation on Hydra and... Mike Miller 4 years ago
openconnect.git OpenConnect VPN client Mike Miller 29 hours ago
rlwrap.git Readline command line wrapper Mike Miller 6 weeks ago
stoken.git Software token for Linux/UNIX... Mike Miller 8 months ago